Who We Are

The Nebraska Rural Renaissance is a group of individuals dedicated to encouraging successful economic growth in Nebraska’s rural communities. Established in 2003, the group meets to discuss and implement innovative methods to systematically add value in rural Nebraska through advocacy, education and development.

“We strive to catalyze rural community and business growth.”

Our Objectives

Mick Jensen, Great Plains Communication 

  • Embrace and promote the rural lifestyle
  • Grow new and existing businesses
  • Create and enhance living wage jobs

Sponsorships & Partners

We work with rural community leaders, businesses, and public intermediaries to collaborate, share ideas, and work together to promote rural communities and increase economic activity and growth.

  • DLR Group - Dennis L. Wiederholt
  • FNB (First National Bank) - Bruce Lauritzen
  • Great Plains Communications - Mick Jensen
  • Kutak Rock - Patti Peterson
  • NIFA - Tim Kenny
  • NPPD (Nebraska Public Power District) - Rick Nelsen
  • OPPD - Tim O'Brien
  • Xpanxion - Paul Eurek
  • Event Coordinator - Kim Remington
  • J.J. Palmtag, Inc. - Janet Palmtag


Bringing opportunities and communities together


  • Grow members & sponsors
  • Annual regional showcases
  • Sponsor investor visits
  • Encourage targeted community investments
  • Connect community needs with opportunities

Community Opportunities

  • New or expanded recreational facilities, business sites, medical and educational facilities
  • Trails & parks
  • Hunting & fishing sites
  • Trade and investor events
  • Festivals & celebrations


We foster legislative action to eliminate growth obstacles and promote solid investments in rural Nebraska. We connect people and nurture meaningful relationships.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Regional showcase
  • New business investment trip
  • Business funding increase
  • Workforce housing development
  • Long term strategic planning

Existing Business Growth

  • Asset modernization
  • Plant or business expansion
  • Line or product growth
  • Branch expansion

Addressing Community Needs

  • Lot development
  • Workforce housing
  • Technology
  • Local investment "funds"